Monday, 11 April 2011

Scholl healthy nails nail brightening system

Scholl Healthy Nails Brightening System
After the glorious sunny summery weather we've had over the weekend everyone's wearing their sandals. After hiding my feet away in my cosy trusty UGG's my feet weren't looking their best so I decided to try out Scholl's healthy nails nail brightening treatment. It's a 3-step system in a dual ended wand contraption. On the tip of one of the ends is a coarse nail file to remove the rides on the nail.

After this there's a gel on a wand which you use to cover the nails

Once that's dried after a couple of minutes you use the clear nail polish in the other end of the wand.

Et voila healthy looking polished nails ready for those flip flops.

The Scholl healthy nails nail brightening system RRP is £9.99 but you can get it here for a pinch at £1.99

x Rosie x

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