Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hot Pink!

I have never been one for lipstick on myself unless it's a nude as I thought they just didn't look right on me but looked good on other people. However, recently I have been a bit braver and decided to take the plunge into hot pink lips! I bought mememe's 'Elektra' which is hot magenta and is such a gorgeous colour. It's creamy and non-drying on the lips, highly pigmented and applies so easily.
It's £8.50 from mememe.

I loved the hot pink so much I decided to coordinate my nails!
The colour is Barry M Fuchsia 302. I love Barry M nail polishes they are very hard wearing and have such a wide choice of colours, cheap and usually on offer in superdrug and always seem to be at the forefront of nail trends.

It's not just me who's loving pink lips at the moment, here's my daughter after she found her way into my lipstick drawer! 

Pink lipstick kisses, Rosie and Lily-Rose x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ombre Hair

Whether you love it or loath it Ombre Hair (or balayage) is big this season. It has been around for a while but it's made more of an impact recently. Celebrities seem to be rocking this trend a lot recently with Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel, Ashlee Simpson, Rachel Bilson, Whitney Port and Caroline Flack to name but a few.  I personally love the look if it's done well and have wanted to give it a go for about a year. I have always been put off by the fact I have to bleach my hair which as everyone know's really isn't good for your hair. However, I decided to go for it and thought if it all went wrong I could always cut the bottom of my hair or at least dye over it!

I used L'oreal Perfect Blonde Crème Highlighting Kit. It comes with gloves, a highlighting cap, a hook, brush, developing crème, 2 sachets of powder bleach, a container to mix it in and a conditioner.
It's £6.12 from boots which I think isn't bad for a 'new look'.

There was plenty left over (and my hair is long and really thick!) that I highlighted my bf's hair twice and still had some left so there's more than enough for the thickest, longest hair!

As you can see it's more subtle than some ombre hair but it's exactly what I wanted.
I won't go into how I did it cos there's plenty of other tutorials all over the web but I found it so easy to do and so effective I absolutely love it. It's a great look for summer and recommend it to anyone to try. I do however issue a word of caution that when you buy the bleach, buy an intensive conditioner, I bought the John Frieda Full Repair shampoo, conditioner and intensive conditioner as it was 3 for £10 in Boots on John Frieda products.

Have you embraced the ombre trend?

Rosie x

Friday, 1 June 2012

Radiant Glow

A couple of weeks ago when I ventured into town in the train with the pushchair (which is a bit of an ordeal round here as the platforms are SO low and the trains are SO high it's not easy) I had just taken Lily-Rose to the dentist and needed some serious cheering up after that! (Try getting a 16 month old to open their mouth and keep it open when they have a full set of teeth and chomp right down into your fingers and draw blood! I think a crocodile would've been easier to tame!) We went into boots where my little madam likes the make-up counters and trying it on without me knowing! and came out with a couple of new items they had on offer but they didn't have what I really wanted which was a new blusher for spring as I'm getting a little bored of the selection I have right now. 
Anyway I ventured into Boyes which has all the cosmetics that have been discontinued from Rimmel, Revlon, Bourjois, Sally Hansen etc. and found the perfect product! It's not a blusher as such but a brightener. Its the 

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten. There is another one for a 'sunkissed' glow but they didn't have that. It's Like MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish which I adore but it's so much cheaper. I think I picked it up for a couple of pounds! It doesn't come out pink it comes out like a pearl kind of colour which I use on my cheeks and in my brow bone arch as a highlighter. I use it over blusher's and bronzer's that I already own and it gives a different affect over different ones.

I can't really capture a picture of what it's truly like but it's a really subtle highlight that really makes you look healthy and give you a nice glow. It is called a finishing powder which seems to imply that you can apply it all over ans I tried it out with barely any product and I looked like a robot, all shiny and looked really greasy so I would advise against the all over approach! When applied to the cheeks and used as a highlight it really does do wonders for your skin I looked healthy and dewy when in reality I'd had zero sleep and felt dreadful! I HIGHLY recommend this! I think Revlon have discontinued it but there are a few places online that sell it if you type it into Google.

Go fourth and Glow!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

I'm Back and Benefit Freebies!

Hello lovelies,
I have been away for a while for a number of reasons, moving, work, studying, being crafty, having my daughter christened, making the cake, decorations, food and dress for the christening, and now she's getting older she's taking up all of my time. I'm thinking of starting another blog for all my arty/craft and mummy type things too cos I'm making so much and testing out so many products that aren't just makeup it seems a shame to not show them and share my opinions, so please let me know what you guys think.

So, I have a bunch of posts coming your way, I have just had a big MUA (Make Up Academy) delivery which I am currently testing out and loving! I have found an AMAZING product for that perfect subtle 'glow' which makes your skin look gorgeous! I have been thinking about doing a YouTube channel but still not 100% sure about it, so let me know if you like watching youtube videos such as tutorials and hauls or whether you prefer reading posts.


If you pick up a copy (or three!) of Glamour magazine this month they are giving away 3 different Benefit products. There's a mini black 'BAD gal lash', a 7.5ml 'that gal' brightening face primer and a 7.5ml 'the POREfessional' pore minimizing primer. At £2 per magazine it's a great way to try out all 3 products from such a great make-up line. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Update

I did a post about L'Oreal's new shampoo Triple Resist in January and I have still been using it every day since I bought it way back in October/November 2011.
Well firstly it must be good if I have repurchased it as I change (or should that be changed) shampoo ALL the time!!
I wash my hair every day or occasionally every other day, and this shampoo and conditioner has made such a difference I am amazed! As I have mentioned in previous posts my hair was pretty awful after I had had my daughter, it wasn't growing after I had it cut and it was thinning terribly. Now, after 5 months of continuous use my hair is as thick as it used to be, which is really thick!, and it has grown sooo much I couldn't believe it.
To be honest I keep forgetting to use the root spray, and I have 1 full and 1 nearly full bottle to get through so I will start using it again! 
I am aware this is probably a very boring post but I like to read updated about products that people use, especially when they are so cheap!
I highly recommend you try this shampoo if you want your hair to grow, be thicker, and stronger! Go on, you're worth it! (Oh god that was awful!)
The original post can be found here.


Once again I apologise for the lack of posts recently. I have had a massive amount of work to do and very, very little time to do it in. But it has now been handed in and I can get back to blogging! However, I will be without internet connection at the beginning of April so please bear with me.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

FREE Soap & Glory Mascara!

Just a quick post to let you lovely people know about getting a FREE Soap and Glory mascara from their new cosmetics range.
If, like me you are an avid Soap and Glory fan or you want to try out a new mascara then all you have to do is purchase ELLE magazine for £3.90 and you will receive a FREE Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara. The wand is very much like Benefit's Bad Gal mascara if you need a comparison. For under £4 I think it's a bargain to try a new mascara.