Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Benefit's tints

I am a huge fan of Benefit cosmetics from their quirky and edgy packaging and product names to the quality of the products themselves. I have to say I love their 'tints' they are a marvel product.

I currently have the original 'bene tint', 'posie tint', and 'high beam'. I love high beam as I like highlighters and this one is lovely, it has a really nice creamy type consistency and it blends out well and looks so natural on.
I differnce between the bebe tint and the posie tint is the bene tint is a deeper reddy pink and the posie tint is paler pink. They both look a little scary and startling as soon as they are applied but once they are blended out they create a lovely natural flush of colour to your cheeks, or lips. I know there are many imitations of these Cheek and lip tints but I have to say that I still love these ones they are my go to product and are great for adding a bit of colour to your face. They are very build-able which is great if you are going day to night and don't want to or have the time to change your makeup but just make touch-ups. I love both colours but if you want a more dramatic night time look then the bene tint is the best to build up colour with.
Imagine my excitement when Benefit recently launched a new tint, the Cha Cha tint, which is a coral colour and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.
The tints from Benefit are £24.50 from their website.

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

I'm sure most people have heard the hype surrounding this palette by now as it's been referred to being a dupe of Urban Decay's Naked palette. 

If you aren't familiar with MUA (Make Up Academy) they are a brand that started out selling products for £1, (just what the country needs a this time) however, what kind of quality are they going to be for £1? Well I decided to try out a couple of their single shadows to test the quality and I have to say I was very impressed. After all even if they weren't very good, for a pound you can't go wrong.

Anyway they have now released a 'pro' range which are slightly more expensive than the original line, and these include palettes, eye shadow trio's, 'crackle' nail varnishes, primers, and much more.

I saw this palette whilst in Superdrug a while ago but I didn't get it for some reason, and I have no idea why. Needless to say I went back asap to buy it and I am SO glad I did. I am in love with this palette, I can't fault the quality or price. The palettes are £4 and for 12 shadows that's a mere 33p per shadow, you really can't go wrong. The quality is amazing, they are highly pigmented, don't crease, there's no fallout, and they last ages. All the colours are usable, sometimes with palettes there's a few colours or shades that you are never going to use, so it's really worth the money. In all honesty I'd have paid twice or three times over for this palette.

 The shades suit every skin tone and age, they aren't matte shadows but they aren't glittery, they have a subtle shimmer that I personally love as they really make eyes stand out. I have found that dark colours can become to 'goth-like' and the shimmer really makes a difference, and makes eyes 'pop'!

There is however a couple of tiny little things I am going to pick on and that's the packaging, and the applicator sponge. The both make the product look cheap, which in effect is what it is I know but I prefer brushes to sponge applicators. However I am being VERY picky there and I'm not complaining about it because it is such an amazing product, and all that matters is the quality of the shadows. 
I have used this on many people and I use it every day that it's just a great all rounder. If you love natural shadows then you NEED this palette. Lets face it even if pay day is far away you could still buy this. They aren't available online yet that I can find but get down to Superdrug and take a look at the MUA stand. 

If you 'Like' Make Up Academy (MUA) on facebook they are always having give-aways. 

Garnier's BB Cream

Garnier B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Light

I have heard a few people mention BB creams. Now for those who don't know, BB stands for Blemish Balm, and the idea is that they mask imperfections, even skin tone, and smooths fine lines. For a quick background about BB creams, this is from the Boots website, "A skincare sensation that has swept Asia...B.B. has arrived!  B.B. creams are hybrid products which combine the benefits of skincare and make-up all in one. Initially developed by a German dermatologist in the 1950', to soothe skin and provide coverage, B.B. Creams were made famous in South Korea by an actress famed for her beautiful skin. Over the years, they became a cult must-have product across Asia due to their sheer, flawless finish and their "all-in-one" qualities."

It's like a tinted moisturiser but better! It has an SPF 15 in it, 24 hour hydration, and makes skin look radiant and dewy. There are two shades light, and medium. I have light and I find it's the perfect shade for me. It looks really dark when its just come out of the tube but once its applied to the face it's shade perfect. I have to admit I think this is a brilliant product and definitely worth the hype surrounding it. I know there are a few different brands marketing BB creams but Garnier is the easiest to get hold of. It can be work alone or as a primer under foundation. I wear it alone during the day if I'm at home or if I don't want to or have time to put on a full face of makeup. I think it's great as a primer as foundation glides on over the top.

I recommend this to anyone whether you wear a lot or a little makeup, I have tried it on a few people and everyone agrees it's such a lovely product. It's only £9.99 and for near perfect skin under a tenner who wouldn't want it?!

It's currently on offer at Superdrug for £7.99 which is even better! and if you've got a Superdrug Beauty Card you can earn 35 points on it.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

August Glossy Box - Wash & Glow

I know this is a bit late with it being September now and the September box will be sent in the next week or two but better late than never!

So this month (or last I should say) saw the arrival of 5 more luxury products come through my door in a beautiful brown and pink parcel.

This month I received:

Murad - Time Release Blemish Cleanser
Salicylic Acid is the hero ingredient in this dual action, extra gently cleanser. Clinically proven to increase cell turnover, it reduces blemishes while diminishing wrinkles and keeps your skin smooth and glowing. 
This sounds like a wonder product, it can reduce blemishes AND diminish wrinkles, now who doesn't want that! Well I was really looking forward to using this, I'm the sort of person who thinks I'll see a dramatic difference at once, and if I don't then the product is a dudd! Well of course there was no dramatic difference (when is there?!) but I persevered for a few days with this and didn't really notice anything different. I don't know what I was expecting really as I don't have any blemishes at the moment, and being in my early twenties and looking like a 15 year old, I don't have any wrinkles, therefore I couldn't say whether it does what it claims or not. This is a travel size 30 ml but if you want to try it then you can buy it from Murad for £29 for 200ml.

Ahava - Mineral Body Lotion
Part of Ahava's new My Skin Reborn range, this quickly absorbed richly moisturising lotion draws on the properties of Dead Sea minerals to effectively hydrate, nourish and protect the skin.
I absolutely adore the scent of this it reminds me of almonds. It's so moisturising and my skin feels so smooth and soft after this. I love it so much that I have repurchased it. I have never really been one for body moisturisers as I don't like my body if I'm honest therefore I neglected it and concentrated on my face and areas that are on show. But after trying this, I have been converted into using body lotion, and look after my body more. After all you have to make the most of what you've got. There is also a hand and foot cream in the dead sea range, but the body lotion currently has 10% off on the Ahava website and is £19.80 for 250ml.

 Daniel Sandler - Jumbo Jet Mascara
JUMBO JET is the only mascara a woman needs when she wants high-performance, luscious lashes. After one stroke of the brush lashes can appear thicker & longer.
 I have been a Daniel Sandler fan for a while I particularly like his Watercolours, which, if you haven't heard of them is a colour for cheeks, lips and eyes. Being a mascara junkie I was very eager to try his mascara. With a name like Jumbo Jet I was expecting big things from this and if I'm honest I was a little disappointed. I have cheaper mascaras that give a better full luscious lashes look. I do however think it's a nice mascara for a daytime 'barely-there' look. If you would like to try this mascara it's £14.85 from here

KMS California - Hairstay Style Boost
Primer for your hair! The foam-to-liquid crackle formula enhances natural movement and bounce while boosting the performance of styling products, for a style that lasts up to 3x longer.
What appealed to me about this was that it's sold as 'primer for your hair'. I think skin and eye primers are a great invention so to hear that your hair could benefit from a primer sounds like a great idea. Its a really strange product it is really cold and crackles and expands in your hand before you apply it. I have used this a few times and I think it's great, I have curled and waved my poker straight hair and not used hairspray and my style is there from one morning to the next! There isn't the usual straw-like texture or sticky residue left behind like I have found with so many mousse-type products.  All in all this is a great product I highly recommend it. You can find it here for £14.50 for 200ml.

Rebel Nails - Nail Wraps (for toes)

Welcome to the Nail Revolution! Rebel Nail's nail wraps are easy to apply, long lasting and kind to nails. No chipping, fading or wear. Amazing professional finishes and designs are now available at your finger (or toe) tips.
I have yet to use these so I can't comment on how they apply, or withstand every day wear and tear. I have heard a lot of good things about nail wraps and with the promise of no chipping, I can't wait to apply them. They are a dull, dark gold, but I quite like the colour, it's a good transitional colour to take you from summer to autumn. You can buy them from the Rebel Nails website with prices starting from £7.99. Take a look at their designs there are so many! I cant wait to try out some funky designs on my fingers. 

Sunday, 4 September 2011

E.L.F New Lines

E.L.F have added a couple of new lines to their already amazing studio line. They now have a foundation and matte lip colour which are really on-trend right now. I was sent these two products for review a while ago and I'm writing this review now as I have had chance to really test out these products and tell you my honest opinion.

Flawless Finish Foundation
Studio Flawless Finish Foundation 

I was sent the two lightest shades which are Porcelain and Sand. I didn't know which shade I would be and as it happens I'm a happy medium of the two. I use one pump of each shade on the back of my hand and use the beauty blender to apply it. I really like this foundation, I find it to be a full coverage foundation which applies easily. It does leave a flawless finish on my skin, and a slight dewy finish. I applied this in the morning and it has lasted with minor touch-ups all day. I have dry skin and find that it's perfect for my skin, but as it's oil free I think oily skin types would suit this too, however I can not say for sure as I don't have oily skin. There are six shades so there's not a great range but there are the basic shades and at the price you can buy two shades and mix them. It's got an SPF of 15 within the foundation which is always a bonus. I think this is an absolute bargain at £6.50 as it feels a lot nicer than some other foundations that have cost me more than double the price. You can buy the Flawless Finish Foundation here.

Studio Matte Lip Colour
Studio Matte Lip Colour

The second item I was sent was the matte lip colour in coral. Matte lips are really on-trend right now and it couldn't be easier to achieve than with these. It's really moisturising and glides on easily and effortlessly, and has a creamy consistency. I put this on in the morning with lipcote (amazing stuff!) and it has lasted through eating, drinking, talking and stayed put till bedtime, I'm very impressed. The coral is such a lovely colour and looks nice with heavy eye makeup. There are only four colours but they are all wearable colours and at the price you could buy them all! They are £3.50 each and can be found here.