Wednesday, 7 September 2011

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

I'm sure most people have heard the hype surrounding this palette by now as it's been referred to being a dupe of Urban Decay's Naked palette. 

If you aren't familiar with MUA (Make Up Academy) they are a brand that started out selling products for £1, (just what the country needs a this time) however, what kind of quality are they going to be for £1? Well I decided to try out a couple of their single shadows to test the quality and I have to say I was very impressed. After all even if they weren't very good, for a pound you can't go wrong.

Anyway they have now released a 'pro' range which are slightly more expensive than the original line, and these include palettes, eye shadow trio's, 'crackle' nail varnishes, primers, and much more.

I saw this palette whilst in Superdrug a while ago but I didn't get it for some reason, and I have no idea why. Needless to say I went back asap to buy it and I am SO glad I did. I am in love with this palette, I can't fault the quality or price. The palettes are £4 and for 12 shadows that's a mere 33p per shadow, you really can't go wrong. The quality is amazing, they are highly pigmented, don't crease, there's no fallout, and they last ages. All the colours are usable, sometimes with palettes there's a few colours or shades that you are never going to use, so it's really worth the money. In all honesty I'd have paid twice or three times over for this palette.

 The shades suit every skin tone and age, they aren't matte shadows but they aren't glittery, they have a subtle shimmer that I personally love as they really make eyes stand out. I have found that dark colours can become to 'goth-like' and the shimmer really makes a difference, and makes eyes 'pop'!

There is however a couple of tiny little things I am going to pick on and that's the packaging, and the applicator sponge. The both make the product look cheap, which in effect is what it is I know but I prefer brushes to sponge applicators. However I am being VERY picky there and I'm not complaining about it because it is such an amazing product, and all that matters is the quality of the shadows. 
I have used this on many people and I use it every day that it's just a great all rounder. If you love natural shadows then you NEED this palette. Lets face it even if pay day is far away you could still buy this. They aren't available online yet that I can find but get down to Superdrug and take a look at the MUA stand. 

If you 'Like' Make Up Academy (MUA) on facebook they are always having give-aways. 

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  1. I've got this palette too and i love it i like the fact that there's not one colour i wouldn't wear well and the price lol xx