Wednesday, 21 March 2012

L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Update

I did a post about L'Oreal's new shampoo Triple Resist in January and I have still been using it every day since I bought it way back in October/November 2011.
Well firstly it must be good if I have repurchased it as I change (or should that be changed) shampoo ALL the time!!
I wash my hair every day or occasionally every other day, and this shampoo and conditioner has made such a difference I am amazed! As I have mentioned in previous posts my hair was pretty awful after I had had my daughter, it wasn't growing after I had it cut and it was thinning terribly. Now, after 5 months of continuous use my hair is as thick as it used to be, which is really thick!, and it has grown sooo much I couldn't believe it.
To be honest I keep forgetting to use the root spray, and I have 1 full and 1 nearly full bottle to get through so I will start using it again! 
I am aware this is probably a very boring post but I like to read updated about products that people use, especially when they are so cheap!
I highly recommend you try this shampoo if you want your hair to grow, be thicker, and stronger! Go on, you're worth it! (Oh god that was awful!)
The original post can be found here.

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  1. I love this shampoo! Swear I don't think I could leave it now, it's amazing! xoxo