Monday, 11 April 2011

My makeup brush obsession

As every makeup artist/obsessive knows, the tools you use are just as or even more important than the makeup you use them with.
I have a ridiculous amount of brushes from many different brands. In my opinion it's worth investing in a selection of good quality brushes, but also bulking up your collection with brushes from cheaper brands.

The higher end brushes I have are MAC, Laura Mercier, Clinique.
And the cheaper end brand brushes I use are GOSH, ELF and brushes from Superdrug, The Body Shop, QVS and Boots.

(Just a small collection of brushes I own!)
I have to say I think the ELF brushes are such good value and the quality is pretty good for such a small price. I have the regular line brushes and the studio brushes but am yet to try the bamboo brushes. The regular line brushes are £1.50 and the studio line brushes are £3.50. I recommend you check them out here
I shall post reviews on the brushes and write another post about other tools I use later as I have rambled enough for one post.

x Rosie x

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