Sunday, 7 August 2011

July GlossyBox 'Summer'

I'm sure most people have heard of GlossyBox by now, but if you haven't then I shall briefly explain. From their website they say: "Every month we send you 5 exciting luxury product minatures, packed in a beautiful box for you to test at home."
I know theres a couple of other companies proving these type of packages, feel unique's Beauty Box being one, but I thought I'd give the GlossyBox a go, and I'm so glad I did.

Even though they say 'product minatures' I got 3 full sized items. I know that everyone gets something slightly different but I must say I'm pleased with what I received.

In my box were:

1) Ciate - Nail Enamel in mojito (full size)
I must admit that the colour isn't really to my taste I don't tend to wear green on my nails unless it's a mint green, but it's a summery colour and it does look nice on. Ciate polishes are a really nice quality, long lasting and chip free.

2) Illamasqua - Powdered Metal in Ether (full size)
I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this, I LOVE it. If anyone doesn't know what this is it's described as 'Powdered Metal creates anything from a subtle sheen to an extreme metallic finish on face and body. The shimmering pale gold adds radiance to bronzed skin, and highlights your skin where applied.' I got a pink tan at the weekend (aka sunburn but don't want to admit that!) and it's now turned to nicely bronzed skin. I sparingly added this to my decollotage and sholders over my tan and it really made my skin radient and healthy looking. it can be applied sparingly or built up to a full on metallic look (hence the name).  It also looks gorgeous appled lightly to the cheek bone as a highlight.

3) Orla Kiely - Orla Kiely Eau de Parfum
'A charming debut fragrance by the acclaimed designer, the eponymous fragrance's light floral notes, with natural extracts of rose geranium and bergamot, are subtly balanced with fresh fig and a hint of chocolate.' This is divine! I love the scentof this, although I can't smell chocolate but I still wouldn't hesitate about buying the full sized fragrance.

4) Ultra Sun - Face 3

I'll be honest I looked at this and thought it's just suncream, I buy that as an everyday item, not a luxury product, but, I was wrong I'll be glad to say. I like the formula of this and it doesn't have the normal suncream smell. I usually use moisturisers or foundations with an SPF built in, but this was a really nice moisturiser as suncream can be greasy on the face. It's advertised as protecting skin from UV aging but that's what any cream with SPF in will do.

5) Weleda - Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil (full size) 
'Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil contains only pure plant oils. Rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidising vitamins, slather on this oil for more elastic, hydrated, smooth and supple skin.' I like body oils as they feel a lot more hydrating than a cream or lotion. I I love the idea that it's supposed to firm the skin, which is something i deffinatley need after having my baby a few months ago. It's also got a lovely scent to it.

I highly recommend the GlossyBox, not only do you get the products but it comes in luxorious packaging, and has offers and discounts on some of the companies whose products are in the box.

All this for £10 a month plus £2.95 postage. Evan at £12.95 I think you'll agree it's a bargain! you can order your GlossyBox here.

(note: all pictures are taken from the internet as i couldnt upload my pictures)

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