Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Keeping BaByliss in business!

I seem to have so many BaByliss hair products that I should be on commission! Here are a few of the products that I love and use most.

The Conical Wand
This is a curling tong without a clamp and a cone shaped barrel. It creates gorgeous ringlet and loose curls with variable temperature you can easily and quickly achieve gorgeous curls.

The Waving Wand
This like he conical wand doesn't have a clamp but the barrel is oval shaped rather than round. Having naturally poker straight hair I've always tried different ways of creating waves such as the going to bed with damp hair in plaits and curling it with the conical wand the day before and sleeping in the curls so they fall out into waves. Both ways work but for a near on instant way to create waves the waving wand is amazing. Natalya from filthygorgeousmakeup and Babyliss teamed up to create the look of Lauren Conrad using the Waving Wand for Babyliss' Get the Look series. Watch the video here.

Thermo Ceramic Rollers
I had never used heated rollers before I bought these a few years ago as naively I had visions of my grandma using them sat with a hair net over them watching countdown. I used rollers in my hair before and blasted the hairdryer over them but it took forever to do so I decided to buy these. They heated up so quickly, there's a range of sizes and there's enough rollers for my long, thick hair. Once they are all clipped and clamped into my hair I can get on with my makeup whilst they cool down. So they are a great time saver and give great volume and body to my hair.

Big Hair
Want a perfect salon blow dry at home? Then this is THE product to use. It's a hot brush that rotates and dries your hair in one product. If like me, you find it difficult to use a big round brush and big heavy hairdryer to blow dry your hair then YOU NEED THIS! Want hair like Kate Middleton but don't have the hair entourage she has, then this is the next best thing.

All these can be bought from Boots or Argos or just search the internet as prices vary dramatically.

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