Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Seche Vite

This has to be THE go to product for fast drying, long lasting nails.

Being short on time being a mum to my four month old who constantly wants attention, this has to be a miracle product.

I love painting my nails, I love experimenting with all manner of different colours and there's a sort of 'glam' feeling when they're painted and looking preened and polished.

The seche vite top coat is applied thickly on top of wet varnish and it penetrates down to the nail forming all the coats together to make a chip resistant, high shine nail. It dries virtually instantly and nails look like they've had a professional manicure.

Ever found a coloured polish you love but can't wear it as it chips so quickly? Well this stops that chipping enabling you to wear that polish once more!

To prove how quick it dries, after I'd applied it to all ten nails my little girl needed a nappy change and there was no smudging, chipping or budging.

I got mine from feel unique for £7.60 with free delivery.

If you haven't used their website before I recommend you have a look for a wide range of hair, skin care and makeup products and less than the RRP.

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